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By Gabrielle Moss Nov 7 We tend to think that our clitorises are the same as everyone else's clitorisesand leave it at that.

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Presentation[ edit ] The different grade of genital ambiguity is commonly measured by the Prader classification[6] which ranges, Big clitores, in ascending order of masculinisation, from 1: female external genitalia with clitoromegaly through 5: pseudo-phallus looking Big clitores normal male external genitalia.

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Considering all the technological, medical and scientific achievements humans have made, this seems to have taken a long time.

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The Latin genitive is clitoridis, as in " glans clitoridis ".

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By Amanda Chatel Aug 10 The clitoris is the most important part of female sexuality.

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There's no nice way to put this.

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A fire was burning in my lungs, but I didn't care.

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Not to mention, it offered insurance.

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Whatever you were reading, it must have been very interesting because you hadn't scrolled down the page for over two minutes.

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" Sighing softly, I smoothed my hand over his chest.

Eventually, his breathing slowed down.

" He bunched up his empty wrapper and played with the plastic lid from his cup, his eyes on the table.

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